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Tarot Tarot cards
"Before you stands a woman in Gipsy clothes. An intricate pattern winds its way through the cloth and gold earings hang from her ears. She steps forward and offers you a deck of cards from which to draw."
Tarot is my character on the Mud Darkwind. This character has existed in the various incarnations of the Mud since 1993. Below you will find links to the MUD itself and information about the Mud I have compiled for the benefit of players.

If you have questions not answered on the pages below you can contact Tarot Here.
Darkwind Player Information
A wizened old man
What does it really mean to be a Garou of the Mud DarkWind? You could ask the wizend old man at the enterance to the Garou guild cave and he will offer some advice.
Auspice info for Garou of Darkwind
When the moons are in the sky all this info can be gotten for the top of Sleeping wolf rock, I just thought it might be easier to read in this format.
The MUD's web site.
Connect to the MUD.
Old Darkwind site
The old Darkwind web site. Not much there these days.

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