Tengu technologies
Tengu Technologies
This page is not under construction, it has just not yet been elevated to its full potential.
    A collection of HOWTO documents that I have written.

  • Flash
    A collection of Flash files I have made.

  • Projects
    Some of the software projects that I am working on.
  • AusRPGer
    The alter ego of Leefe Hicks that is involved in the management of Australian role playing sites.

  • Gordon P.I.
    The professional investigations agency of Mr Gordon. An element of the Sin-City LARP.

  • Tarot
    Information about my character Tarot on the MUD DarkWind. As well as a collection of information for players.
External Links
  • A collection of links
    Links to a variety of things, including sites with information about domain names, technology issues and Tengu.
  • Wyvern
    My old site. This site has been updated a little, but some of the information on it is a little dated. Still contains some things not incorporated into the new site.

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